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The Portsmouth Pulpit


Sermons Preached at Salem Baptist Chapel, Portsmouth

Henry Sant: The Lawful Use of the Law 1 Timothy 1:18

J. K. Popham: The City of God Immovable Psalm 46:4,5

J. C. Philpot: Life Given For A Prey Jeremiah 45:5

Henry Sant: A Saving Knowledge of Christ 1 John 1:1-3

Ernest Roe: The Mighty Worker and His Gracious Work Psalm 66:16

Henry Sant: The Faith of the Woman of Canaan Matthew 15:28

Audio Sermons

K. F. T. Matrunola: "Knowing God's Will" - Proverbs 3 vv. 5 and 6

Sermon preached 19th October 1986

Henry Sant:


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Exodus 3:11-12 - Henry Sant
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Sermon preached 23rd August 2018

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